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Scarface "Fuck'n With Face"

Альбом: Balls and My Word

Fears weightless, I fear none in the physical form
Let us face, nigga, you cant do me no harm
Up here shakin, wishin me well, but deep in you heart
You wantin me close to make sure I dont ease in the dark
And squeeze wit thought, and leave you with the hole in your head
For wantin me dead, but I come to watch you suffer instead
Like burnin your bed, cuz I dont want your blood on my hands
That's not in my plan, to unstrap it and murda ya man, I murda ya man
And I go home and got your blood on my clothes, and I'll be guilty
But werent you the one who stepped on my toes, So I ain't guilty
At least thats how I see it inside, an eye for an eye
He challenge me and he gotta die, so I send him a kite
To let him know that wasnt right, and he in my sight
And I cant let him leave in the night, and he seein his life
Flashin right in front of his face, for fuckin wit face
This what you get for fuckin wit face

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Open your eyes, cuz seein is believin my nigga
And stop breathin and now your ass is leavin my nigga
Protectin your chest, believin you put life in this bitch

Break it down for me

What you want me to do, What you want me to do
What you want me to do, What you want me to do

I got in-trouble rhymes to adapt to in-trouble times
A double nine, in case niggaz get out of line
And heaven knows that I done tried to change but in the midst
Of tryin to be a better me, trouble was all I could seem to see
And the facts that I know tomorrow ain't promised to be
So from this day forth, Ima be all that I can be
When my cousin turned his back on me, I had to be my own man
Regardless of what the stakes was, Ima play my own hand
And im tired of bein let down be my so called friends
And regardless of the bloodshedin, ain't no tears in the end
Father please forgive me for im sinnin, forgive us all
But I ain't to blame, the lunatics were in my heart
And I think I need to build another wall
Cuz I dont want the world to see me
Cuz lately these niggaz been tryin ta eat me
I'm exhausted and my body sleepy, But at lest its hard to rest
I'm a nervous wreck, I walk with stress
I used to walk around with a tech, but nowadays I be like fuck it dawg
You fuck wit me I gots to fuck wit yall
And revenge is just another word for payback
Payin you back today for this grudge that I had for you way back
You niggaz knew I wouldnt play that
I sent you bitches to the morgue with two holes in your head, no remorse
Why you think my niggaz call me the boss
Cuz I be dressed up in designer suits
And for the fact that these niggaz know that im the truth
And I always look a man in his eyes before I shoot
And when he disrespect this man of respect, there ain't no excuse
I call on the troops, and put them dead on your case
For fuckin wit face, this what you get for fuckin wit face


This nigga tried to hit me yo, but he killed one of my people tho
So now I got to get this ho, they say revenge is expensive so I
Chartered a plane and I hit the coast, when I ran across this kid I know
We spoke briefly but we spoke in code
Tryin deeply to destroy his soul
I keep it real cuz the streets is watchin me
??? cuz the beats is jockin me
And all in all it was a smooth ride
Except for when this dude tried to hand me this conspiracy
See, I pimp the game like its a prostitute
And I wont stop until I clock the loot
Misunderstand me and I cock and shoot
Plus, I done learned what to do and what not to do


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