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Shawnna (feat. Missy Elliott) "What Can I Do"

Альбом: Worth Tha Weight

(intro 2x)
What can I do..
Cause I can't keep from drinkin this yak
And I can't keep from smokin dem sacks
Am I a fool
What can I do..
Cause they be callin me all the time
And I think I'm gonna lose my mind
What can I do

(verse 1)
Damn... I'm fucked up again and I think I'm finna throw my guts up again
But I can't move cause I'm stuck off the Gin and the Henn and Bicardi
and Remy, lets hit the party its in me
And I still got a fifth of sommo whiskey
Tipsy, feelin real shiesty and risky
Bangin a bitch if she wanna get frisky
Niggaz wanna get up on the fifth lets go!
Niggaz wanna get up on a O lets roll
Niggaz got da 50s of da dro and they swole
Put it in da Swisher finna smoke it like whoa
Dont understand me I don't want a Grammy
Just hand me a hand fulla goddamn whammys
Fluffed out and fancy packed where dat Yancy
Now ride bumpin How High in da Camry. Whoa!

(chorus- Missy)
Dude... I stay so high... I can't stop drinkin..
I feel like a fool am I losin my mind Baby Bubba I'm
Dude... I stay so high... I can't stop drinkin..
I feel like a fool am I losin my mind

(verse 2-Shawnna)
Aint gon front like I don't smoke huff
Thats prob' why a muhfucka throw so rough
I drink dark liquor so I think I'm tough
A lot of scared niggaz didnt think I bust
Midwest niggaz do it minked out plush
Six piece wings wit the fruit punch crush
Project niggaz from the hundreds to the low
151 got my stomach on the flo'
Matter fact y'all can't fuck wit da 'Go
Kanye wit da hot track Shawnna wit da flow
Most of y'all bitches can't top what ya know
Signed out fa 16 bars through the door
So act like ya know bitch smackin dem hoes
Smokin a sack packed in a Tahoe
Kids in da back, swig in my lap
Cops on my track so I hid me a strap I'm gone


(verse 3- Missy)
Its Missy and ya know dat, locate me like a Lojack
I'm on ya back like a nap sack
And when I rhyme you betta go back
To da lab goddamn man I'm tighter than a wavecap
Nah muthafucka can I say that
when I'm bouncin on dem 24 babies
They be goin like wa wa wa wa wa wa Man
I be fuckin yo man... and
I already done did dat, y'all chicks betta sit back and relax
Now listen up fa the feedback
Me and Shawnna in da H2 Hummer gettin tan for the summer
I caught real breezy, whack bitches y'all greedy
And if ya don't write ya rhymes then easy
Cause we don't believe that
And me and Shawnna shut it down best believe it


What can I do
What can I do

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Shawnna (feat. Missy Elliott) "What Can I Do" words to the song

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