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Wu-Tang Clan "Hollow Bones"

Альбом: W

High potency top, smoke a bag of black
And feel the vibe, wanna be wise
We, form on a rising corner mean five
Laws in disguise, throw on your slides
Young niggas racist, smokers is basic
We seen the eyes, laying up playing the cut
What, stay in the truck, something told me duck
Folding me up, my shoulders struck
Out of luck, fuck the potters up
Fell on a daze like a Golotta snuff
Niggas tried to body me up
I'm in the lobby bleeding
Niggas in the witness office probably eating
And sprinting and beefing, when they heard the shots
Called the precinct and seen barber nieces beasting
Niggas shot Shalar features and shocked her was a Elisis,
Bent the spinal cordless creatures
I'm gagging and flagging a cab down
Guess who in the Benz wagon, dragging my sound down
Macking it was Dale Breedy the greedy
Caniving ass snake genie
Cop with a bikini will murder charge and benini
I'm feeling wheezy and the drain from the cheeba
Grieving ain't even looking decent
Seeing police niggas reaching

That splash against my hollow bones
That rocks my...

[Inspectah Deck]
Fleeing the crime scene speeding
Beefing leaving behind cream
Not even peeping that I was leaking
Won't see the precinct just got a recent case beaten
Still jakes are creeping
Don't blow ya spot, stay the weekend
Keep the ruger peeling who's squealing
Few knew the dealings
Keep the steel concealed in
Cause we got no time for feelings
Eyes on the building guards are on the corners illing
Million dollar block villain plotting on a killing
Feel like, a superhero talking like a true Deniro
They boost his ego path and broke down
Reduced to zero
Cops feel we poors hoping I'll reveal my source, source

That splash against my hollow bones
That rocks my soul
Oh oh, oh oh

Outside the check cashing, flashing
Dipped in fashion
Five cherry-faced fagots tried to cash in
They keep laughing, Ghost you get ya face bashed in
Who gave you these priveledges son? why you maxing?
And we..
Feigning to take those move slow
I'm hearing how you broke Rob's nose
And I heard you keep a banging hammer
Golden brass diamonds embroideries
That was stolen that you haven't reported g
Make very little noise, my shit hiccup
Don't make this big stick up bigger
Me and the boys I thought for a second then chose
Rather than froze
Had the jim star on my hand
Yo what the fuck yo! that's when I ripped Timothy
Snatch and dip john like imbaggable
Had the mini axe tool, faxed him
Shots rang off, bing, boggle-de-dum

That splash against my hollow bones

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Wu-Tang Clan "Hollow Bones" words to song

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