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Ying Yang Twins "Pull My Hair"

Альбом: U.S.A. (United State Of Atlanta)

Hey you
You know you been talking a lot of shit
Whisperin' in my ear
Makin' me feel all, hot and bothered and shit
Makin' a mother fucker horny
You say you can fuck? Prove it

Look bitch
You done talked a whole lot of shit
But wait 'till ya see my dick
I ain't really for the talkin' game
You done came in the room and started handin' me thangs
First off with brain and I'm a beat the pussy up
Hit it from the back and beat the pussy up
Girl why your friend doin' all that runnin'
Feel that steel, long dick cummin'
Now ride on the dick like you were dancin' in the club
You really love [?], so show 'em some love
Now come up slow and just ride the head
Now drop down fast, put it all in it
Now turn your ass around an lemme hit it from behind
And put big dick inside ya
I'm a hit it from the back while I'm pullin' ya hair
You climbin' up the wall but I'm pullin' ya hair
Gettin' freaky than a mother fucker sweatin'
I'm all on you, you all on me
Fuckin' like dogs, me and shorty off of the walls
And I like it when she play with the balls
Shorty I ain't holdin' nothin' back at all
I ain't scared to put the mouth on the dick
She swallowed it!
And she like it when a nigga be pullin' my hair
Talkin' nasty to her ass while I'm pullin my hair (pullin' my hair)

Now that I got you in the bed, I'm gon' pull yo hair
Snatch yo ass up by the head, I'm gon' pull yo hair
Pull my hair (pull it hard] Pull my hair (pull it tight)
Pull my hair (cum baby) Pull my hair {*girl moans*}
Fuck me daddy, spank me daddy
Fuck me daddy, spank me daddy
Fuck me daddy, spank me daddy
Fuck me shit!

[Girl with sucking noises in backgorund]
You like this, You wanna see what I have?

Ay bitch, I'm talkin' to you
(So tell me what you want me to do)
{*clears throught*}
Look at here {*girl moans*} drop down on all hoes like a dog
Now I'm lookin' at yo ass 'fo I hit it
That pussy from the back I'm a get it
I'm walking over to ya with the rubber (oooh)
Yo ass in trouble (is it up high enough)
I done called yo butt, fucked you 'till you cried {*girl moans*}
You said I beat that pussy from back so much that I hurt yo side
Yo ass should of been built for the war (yeah) Fuck it!
And if you don't want to wear yo tail
You need to put it in yo ass and tuck it
I will, just to get you in the bed
And now I'm finna pull yo hair on yo head (pull it)
Should've fuck with me, should've
If you ass could arrange it would've
But ya put that down a side
That's how my dick got between yo thighs
Now that's all right
I got a ten-foot pole that'll go in yo hole
Take yo soulmate nut come out yo nose
Fall all on yo clothes (clothes)

[Chorus 2X]

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