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Young Gunz (feat. Chingy) "Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Remix)"

Альбом: Tough Luv

Six figure .. (nigga) remix (*"go, go, go" - scratched in background*)

Woo! (ok); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES Young Gunnaz (ok)
C and Neef (check) (Big Face) that's right
(Big a Leo) uh huh
Right P, bird game, holla

[Chorus - Young Chris] (Chingy)
Can't Stop, won't stop Chingy and the Gunnaz
Cause we, we get down baby, we get down
Girls, the girls they love us
(Say what)
(Look she right thurr)
(Man she right thurr)

[Verse 1 - Neef]
Yup, it's only right that we make it a remix
Young Gunnaz and Chingy just to give it a little twist
Next generation, you better stay focused
Young'ns before they time and you already know this
Ball 'em, never call 'em, kick 'em out before the mornin
It seem like once you done, they start drawlin (aight)
You never have 'em, so you cuff 'em, when you grab him
(*"go, go, go" - scratched in background*)
I treat 'em all the same, even the bad ones
Gold Magnum, Rose Gold chain, force your aim (ok)
Four four Magnum (check); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES tell C and P when they done better pass 'em
I be laid back, smokin bags, playin Madden (that's right)
You know we tap 'em, middle room, back room
living room, bathroom, send 'em home, cap 'em
You got it, It's nothin I had 'em, you can have 'em
C and Neef we the streets, Gunnaz be the last one (ok)

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2 - Chingy]
Man I can't stop, won't stop
Girl, quit actin like ya can't pop
on the drop to the flo', I move crowds like I moved hop
In '94 on the block, heffers on my jock
You wanna know, it's official when I step up in it (in it)
You wanna party, let me get the YG's (YG's); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES and we a be thurr in a minute (minute)
Maybe chickenhead with it
I'm in the authentic get it boy Jersey, G.I.B hat fitted
Run and tell the world we did it (did what?)
Copped the boxed up Benz, Range, and got both of 'em kitted (woo)
Ching-aling worldwide (worldwide girl)
Player and a pimpin, you never seen my thorough side, uh (uh)
Cause the girls, the girls they love me (love me)
You know I stay +fresh to death+, like +Doug E.+ (Doug E.)
I steps in the spot, these cats they mug me (mug me)
Got dranks and drunk so many at the clubbie, DTP
("go, go, go" - scratched)

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3 - Young Chris]
Now Neefy and Chris we can game any chick (uh huh)
One had to pay a dime, pay her no mind (nah)
It's quite absurd, just sayin the right words (that's right)
I like nice hurr, tits, nice curves (yep)
Gettin that dough, smokin on the best dro
Shorties catch everything everytime I let go (okay)
I get it poppin and let 'em finish the rest yo
And when I'm lookin for a girl it's what I check fo'
("go, go, go" - scratched)
Need me a chick, that'll see me squeeze the fifth
Go to court plead the fifth, never leave me for a check
Put the Visa on the whip, overseas they get the bricks
Bringin all that cake, that's what I need for you to do
I'll be heated if you screw, bring it all back straight
Roc homie, we pop homey, drink it all back straight
Better warn me, Baretta on me, baby all that hate
will lead to you losin all that weight
Holla at ya, boy

[Chorus] - 2X w/ ad libs
("go, go, go - scratched)

[Chingy] - w/ ad libs
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look at those hoes (where they at?)
CZ (where they at?); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES (where they at?) KB, yeah

[Chingy + Young Neef]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look at those hoes (where they at?)
(big cheesy) (where they at?) (where they at?) uh, yeah
Disturbin the Peace

[Chorus] - 2X - without Chingy's part

[Talking over Chorus]
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, look at those hoes (where they at?)
I know Luda's here, hey yo what up? (DTP)
Yes, yes (R-O-C); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES yes, that's right
I see him (smellin good) I see him
Six figure (*"go, go, go" - scratched)

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Young Gunz (feat. Chingy) "Can't Stop, Won't Stop (Remix)" song by lyrics

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