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Young Gunz (feat. Freeway) "Parade"

Альбом: Tough Luv

[Young Chris]
Little niggaz envying Chris
Cock, load 'em up, empty the clips
Now them bitches'll back up
Time that these businesses back up
Comin through the house creepin'
I'm the new housekeeper
Motherfuck all that loud speakin'
All the neighbors hear are loud speakers
No need for spouse keepin'
Kill that bitch then we out breezin'
Now thats a witness if I leave my fuckin child breathin'
Its our season
Fuck back and forth with the rappers
Thats gon' lead back and forth with the clappers
And I ain't going back to court with them crackers
Want a district attourney
Stay strapped so them bitches won't burn me
Take that put the F at you earn it
Take a lesson and learn it
But what's important is that vest and that burner
Better get it
Cause most of these rappers that talk it ain't never live it
And niggaz who that said they with it, said who did it

Fresh off tour
Philadelphia in stores
Freeway, thats my leeway helpin' me to score

Stay fresh dressed
red pressed
rusty with the track
Give me Chad West
Oh Yes niggaz they from north
P-H-I-double L-Y
Don't fuck with the prop squad
get hit with the six-four
Don't fuck with them pit bulls
Free deliver shells like the mail guy
Fuck you come with a knife for
The similar columbine
Free'll throw you down like them white boys
He that boy that you know can get the work and
if your spot chirpin let you purchase a M from 'em
And his hammer closer than kin to 'em
So plans to rob him are out of the question
Cops ask my fiends 21 questions
But I gave 'em 21 extras
Flex the suburban
Bullets dipped in detergent
Full plans of corrosion
Hit your fuckin' flesh up
Have y'all niggaz playin catch up
Take a pop at the coppers
Block over blocka blocka
Get the point without steady beams lit
S-P on point with the choppers

Yeah my first name neef and my last name buck
From where the first time to beef a muh fucker mess up
instead of knucklin' up
These muh fuckers get plucked
From where the young'n snatch and grab and steady trippin up dust
All it take is a puff
Niggaz be right back at ya
Tryin to leave you niggaz dippin in stashes
Bout the cream
We pull 'round like the SWAT team, with beams
Aint tryna hit no innocent teens
About the queen
work hard now and live out my dream
Aint gotta mess over no shorts or argue with fiends
That ain't for me or even my team
Should be laid back in some burbans even some beams
The more I go in this game man the harder it seems
This shit been watered down
tryna raise out the clown
One was sweet, yeah our beat still luggin around
Sayin Neef ain't sweet, still reppin' the town, you know

[Young Chris]
Fresh off tour
Philadelphia in stores
Freeway, thats my leeway, helpin me to score
investin in these businesses
I make my business his
for instance chris adjust 'em if its war
a message from shakur all you got is your bitch
and ain't no pride in your bitch she let 'em have it
She define them clips, she love the static
She rather walk with shells instead of matics
She says what she
She protects she
I get a kick outta the bitch like jelly
She won't WOW when them niggaz is hating
Got her boy out of that situation with one BLOW
So what NOW
Lay these chumps DOWN
Rocks like red nose pinched you punks SCROW
Get da FOUL
Get him HOW
Catch 'em and beat em
Several bodies not one FOUL
Lawyers defeat 'em
and not found him guilty in one TRIAL
Not one FILE they can look me under
Cause I they want a bitch took me under, fuckin crackers
Girls love us, thats what make you hate us
Well fuck it dog we makin paper
Don't make us make the papers
Can't fade us
Fuck what they go through hey
Hollows hollow go through clay
go through the way
get a bunch of T for pound
They dont love me I can read their mind, fuckin phonies
You niggaz eatin so we bought the store
We asked for beef them niggaz brought us pork
we called 'em all up
took 'em shoppin filled the mall up
cops everywhere
exit out before they block every stair
now its hot everywhere
got the bounce all out
make you niggaz pour the pound out, I need the chronic
Now we got to leave the town and
fuck the import we greyhoundin
coffee groundin stinky chronic
now these rascals gotta find me for assignment I'm gone

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