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Young Gunz (feat. Beanie Sigel) "Roc U"

Альбом: Tough Luv

[Young Chris]
Where the pain set at?
YOUNG GUNNAS (yeah, ok)
Roc niggaz
Niggaz got 'til January to get their shit together
Yeah that nigga's January
What, ok, what, ok
Chad West
Uh, yo

[Verse 1]

[Young Chris]
Hey yo mama workin' hard
Big brother on the run
Little sister cuttin' up, man
Shit, just outta luck, man
Baby girl born
She done brightened up my life a lot
Block still poppin'
Old ladies still drawin' (drawin')
Haters still plottin'
Tryin' to take my life away
Don't matter, night or day
C reactin' right away
Bring it on when the temperature rise
My intention's to ride
Ain't no intent, but he die
Niggaz bleed like us
Forty, clip on my hip shorty
Go get your clique
I'm ready to squeeze like "What the..."
Yeah this comin' out of Chris's mouth (Chris's mouth)
How you niggaz bitchin', gettin' stitches
Then get bitches, pourin' liquor out
That's what Chris about
Tryin' to figure out the beat
Down on the outside, bleed in 'til you piss it out
Block all them chickens out
Fuck all them niggaz routes
See I need air, plus my mama need a bigger house

[Young Chris]
It's just the town we live in
North Phil my nigga
South Philly with mittens
Look how chilly the wrist is
Poppin' willies with bitches
Poppin' willies at snitches
He got three ways to die
From the roof or the river
He gon' bleed if he try
Man they shootin, it's vicious
They got lugies and fifths
44s and infras, brads that get ya
Leave a nigga dead, remember
Hawk his hand, remember
To watch his mouth or temper

[Verse 2]

[Beanie Sigel]
Bitch niggaz actin' tough, but you know what that's about
Prayin' that I hit 'em up, hopin' they can settle out
But why flirt with death?
It ain't worth the check
Get your coffin nailed shut
Placed in the dirt to rest
Get you linin' up, tears again
Mama in tears again
I guess death is the number one fear, man
But I ain't scared
I can tell it's comin, I can feel it in the air
I can smell it
Comin' fully prepared
To meet the fuckin' man in a trenchcoat
I ain't high, but trying to duck you long as I can though
They say I'm flirting with the devil, talking blasphemy
Cursing out the reaper, 'til the gate keep attached to me
That's why I see the light
Shootin' every thing in sight
Warning every other day
Bodies every other night (that's right)
Death is the only thing for sure in life
That's right
Young Gunnas killin' ya tonight


[Verse 3]

Yo, show me where to get a gun
Better know where I'm from
Load 'em up with dum-dums
Leave a nigga one lung (ooh)
Masking tape, hoodies, and gloves
Boogies and snubs
Yeah I put a dent in your mug
Older brother beneath me
Mother fuckers is sneaky
Worryin' about where Neef be
Get you act out easy (easy)
Yeah this family greezy
Believe me, how the fuck they impede me?
Tables turned, now the family needs me
Yeah, I want my shit
Ain't shit you can teach me
I'm young but not dumb
You ain't from where I'm from
You don't feel how I feel
You ain't real how I'm real
I ain't signed to that deal
But for real, you should chill
And let me do me dog
Listen for once in life
And we can stop playin' see-saw
Until then I make it rain, niggaz feel my pain
Until I'm out the game
Of four quarter lanes


[Verse 4]

[Young Chris]
Lord of the streets, I do it so my daughter can eat
Mom's working three on her own
Bringin' four in a week
Now tell me how I'm gonna budget that
Little sister graduated elementary
Big brother's life in the judge's lap
Even my mother packed, stuck in this war zone
I've been a bad boy, puffin' before Combs
Fo sure, homies strapped like bamboo
There's nothing we can't do
It's tucked in my pants too
You bustas will scramble
Shoulda had 'em sellin' but
Niggaz tattletale 'em when they rush in that van, dude
So I had to smarten up
You know, chalk 'em up
Bye-bye mother fucker, drive-by, we walkin' up
Put your little lockers up, hang your little snub, nigga
You a little thug, give you slugs 'til he cough it up
Them niggaz soft as butt
Even your balls is soft
I'm about to charge 'em up
Niggaz stop, your offer's up


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текст Young Gunz (feat. Beanie Sigel) "Roc U"

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