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Young Gunz "That's Right"

Альбом: Tough Luv

[Intro] It's about time niggaz Oolah

[Verse 1]
Motherfuckers I'm from a town where it ain't nothing nice
Where niggaz they hear that price
And be at you the same night
Tryna kill you got a knife
Fuck a fight snatch your life
I got thirty in my wind pipe
And motherfuck I can fight
They say we different but I say we just alike
Each other crutches and these niggaz be our luggage
Heavy as shit unwilling to spit
No I like them baby rub them on a crib
And extend him on a glib
Probably knowing it's a fifth
Cause I bought alot of hollow tips
This if you make a spliff
And we ain't on the same tip
Shit I got to bang at you niggaz
For the love of the figures
Hell yeah we kill each other
And kidnap them baby mothers
And do dirt to ones that love us
Yeah ones like no other
Sort of like your brother
And I got my niggaz covered
Long as I'm alive they alive
Promise I'm gon' ride
Never play both sides

[Chorus 2x]
Buck you keep back now
I bet you get clapped clown
And you gon' come back 'round
Once you hear how that Mac sound
I'm not bitching you back down
You know how to act now on your life
Niggaz I put the price
That's right

[Verse 2]
That's where we lived at
War bring it where your kids at
We throw enemies where ever you get at
Nigga you get back
Or get your motherfucking head cracked
Pat! Pat! That's where we lived at
At least a hundred thousand just to get your kids back
Unsolved about that kidnap all about that riff raff
When you wasn't with that
40 Cal's we so loud play the crowd you niggaz get back
In a cloud where you lay cause all that chit chat
I got a fifth man take it you a shit bag
Frontin on them ends
Niggaz put you in the pens
Staples all crazy you fuckers shouldn't play me
Multiple stab wounds
Caught him slippin shit and had goons
Up in the bath room now the Lord will see him soon
We get it all late at midnight or early afternoon
Whenever, wherever where that motherfucking chedder

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Nope definitely niggaz won't get that recipe
The flow stupid there much more then music
What you tryna get at homie I been through it
So don't be talking foolish
Cause your life you will lose it
Soon as I pull it start to thinking movement
And bullets start coming out the top
And motherfuckers start yelling down the block
Screaming out somebody got shot
And he left the shit a mess
Ambulance gets what's left
I'm a beast with the Tec
I won't let you get a breath
If you reach then you wet
From your feet to your neck
If you come around the set
You won't make it out to tell it
Pledge burning from the pullet
In your clothes you can smell it
No witnesses to tell it
You fucking with a two time felon
And feeling to put two to your melon
And open you up
Yeah you pussies starving and butt
Don't want none of Buck put your renters up
I don't give a fuck

[Chorus 2x]

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Young Gunz "That's Right" song and lyrics

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