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Big Tymers "10 Wayz"

Альбом: I Got That Work

[Mannie Fresh {talking}]
Turn it up
Turn it up
Turn it up

(Hook2x [children])
Ten ways to a G
Three situations - pay attention to me

[Fresh] Yeah, yeah
[children] Ten!
[Fresh] First, ya gotta go get the chips
Scope out the section, tell 'em, "Go get the bricks."
[children] Nine!
[Fresh] Then ya gotta find a place to meet
You better bring your heat 'cause them villains ain't sweet
[children] Eight!
[Fresh] Ya better let your chick drop to get 'em
And follow that broad to make sure them people not with 'em
[children] Seven!
[Fresh] Don't bring (?) around your house
Cause you don't want that heat pepper nowhere round your house
[children] Six!
[Fresh] See how it come back before you start
And if it come short bring back everything you bought
[children] Five!
[Fresh] Wait, if lil' daddy on the street
Cut the cake, hit the hood the next day about eight
[children] Four!
[Fresh] And if you can't move it all, call your dog
Jam him up, and tell him, "Fool, me and you about to ball."
[children] Three!
[Fresh] Split it up - four quarters-a-piece
And if y'all do that everyday, that's fifty-six-a-week
[children] Two!
[Fresh] When the money start comin', keep sellin'
Don't buy nothin' special unless you got good credit
[children] One!
[Fresh] Make sure you put some money aside
And in a month call the man and tell him, "Bring a extra five."

(Hook2x [children])
Ten ways to a G
Two situations - pay attention to me

[children] Ten!
[Fresh] Gotta floss everyday of my life
Forget the price - get the ice, hit the club every night
[children] Nine!
[Fresh] Buy the ball, let 'em know you a star
When everybody come outside to see the dubs on your car
[children] Eight!
[Fresh] They gon' hate - so keep that tool
Scratch off and holler out the window, "Boy, I'm a fool!"
[children] Seven!
[Fresh] When ya meet, take a broad to plug
And make sure that chic was the baddest broad in the club
[children] Six!
[Fresh] Lay it down when you're comin' around - bumpin' the sound
Got the truck touchin' the ground
[children] Five!
[Fresh] 2000 Range Rover, you see
Leather, wood, television all over it, B.
[children] Four!
[Fresh] Watch bracelet - wodie, shop daily
Everything them wannabe's got, I played it
[children] Three!
[Fresh] Two dice on the block - keep it real
Bet the house that's about two-point-five-mill
[children] Two!
[Fresh] Keep cheddar - what you got, I can match it
Ride everything chrome, rock everything platinum
[children] One!
[Fresh] Keep shinin' 'til it burn me out
But never ever let the money, baby, turn me out

(Hook2x [children])
Ten ways to a G
One situation - pay attention to me

[children] Ten!
[Fresh] Tell a broad, "Everything for free.
You can shop 'til you drop, shorty, all on me."
[children] Nine!
[Fresh] Number ten ain't nothin' but a lie
Don't buy the broad nothin', and I'm 'bout to tell you why
[children] Eight!
[Fresh] Sell the skank a dream bigger than life
And she gon' stick around for the shoppin' spree, alright
[children] Seven!
[Fresh] Tell your broad you know me, and we jam tight
And you like what I like, and you gon' be alright tonight
[children] Six!
[Fresh] Nine times outta ten I went out with the broad you with
But that shouldn't stop you from doin' what you do, slick
[children] Five!
[Fresh] Then turn to her - tell her you love her, and don't laugh
And if I had a penny, baby, then you got half
[children] Four!
[Fresh] What's yours is mine, and what's mine is yurn
And you got it right now -
and that'll leave a-thousand dollars to my tax return
[children] Three!
[Fresh] At this point, if you love me,
you'll make my fantasies come true
And if she say, "What it is?" -
To sleep with your sister and you
[children] Two!
[Fresh] Don't love these (?) - love yourself
And if you pay attention to this you'll have plenty of wealth
[children] One!
[Fresh] I'm done, and I ain't got nothin' else to say
'Cause I can't think of nothin' to rhyme with this shh..
y'all have a nice day

[children] Ten ways to a G
[Mannie Fresh] Good night, everybody
[children] Ten ways to a G
[Mannie Fresh] Yeah, yeah, yeah
[children] Ten ways to a G

[Mannie Fresh]
Now looky here

Ten ways to a G

[Mannie Fresh {talking}]
I gave you three situations
And ten ways to deal with it
You see what I'm sayin'
If you apply that to your everyday-life
whether you slingin', you dig
Or playin' on broads
You, too, can be scraped
I said scraped - that's right - scraped
See what I'm sayin'
And these (?)
I mean, we gotta get together - marry yourself, man
'cause ain't nobody gon' care 'bout yourself but yourself
Know what I'm sayin'
Go marry yourself, go on a honeymoon - treat yourself
I mean, 'cause can't nobody cheat on theyself
You gon' be with yourself, but you can't cheat on yourself
You know what I'm sayin'
Man, that's ballerrific
And I like to say one more time: good night
And tell myself, "Self, I am so enfatuated with you."

Hey, thank you
I'm enfatuated with you, too

[Mannie Fresh]
Good night, self

Good night
Good night, Mannie
I love you

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Big Tymers "10 Wayz" lyrics of song

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