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Street Life (feat. Method Man) "All My Niggas"

Альбом: Street Education

[Intro: Streetlife (Method Man)]
Yeah.... the coming is everything
(Just when you thought it was safe
I got to slap taste out ya muthafuckin' mouth!, bitch)
Yo! Yo!

It's the M.C. stresser, Street the aggressor
I apply pressure, until your lungs explode
Over choke flows, rap, over load
I live by the code style that's mad P.L.O.
Shaolin pro, equipped with rhymes to go
Scully low, rock a teflon coat like it's ten below
Controller of my destiny, live for longevity
When my life in jeopardy, bust shots consecutively
Black teflon rap, I lay this on you heavily
Deadly Melodies, I rock the Iron Mic steadily
M.C.'s keep tryin' to step in my zone
Get ya head flown, crush your nose bone with the microphone
New York's bravest, longly awaited (come on)
Highly anticipated, street niggaz favorite
I never ride dicks, that's why y'all niggaz hate it
I'm Street Educated, plus thug related
Wu affiliated, still underrated
That's to be the greatest, world's most famous
Crowd entertainer, top debut gainer
Hip hop hall of famer, rap terminator

[Chorus 2X: Method Man (Streetlife)]
Who the slang pro nigga role, banned from your radio
Flow straight ghettio (aiyo) but y'all don't hear me though
(I rock for all my niggaz) I rock for all my niggaz
(I rock for all my niggaz) I rock for all my niggaz

This is Street radio, live in stereo flow
No video, still ghettio slang pro
Hoes by the boat load, lust for my logo
But they don't get shit from Street, but hard dick and coco'
I'm known to hold a grudge, bust slug and drug
Flood the court with thug, scream, 'fuck the judge'
Bad firm, I never learned, crack the bird, burn a dutch
Never had much, never gave a fuck, give it up
You ain't larger than life, to lose ya life
In the heat of the night, talk like you walk, you might get sniped
Just because you got a record deal, don't make you real
Just because you sold a mil, don't make you hard to kill
If you feel like I feel, we both know you bluffin'
I'm about to snuff you the fuck out for nothing, aiyo
I'm in full Street mode, ghetto episodes
Never sold my soul, or fall for fool's gold
Just control the globe with wise words told
It's been in my blood, since I was God's years old

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Method Man]
Hey, aiyo!

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Street Life (feat. Method Man) "All My Niggas" words of song

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