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Street Life (feat. Method Man) "Street Education"

Альбом: Street Education

[Intro: Method Man]
Yoooooooooo, sick ass niggaz
Sick ass bitches, all the welcome
Come on, come on, come on, come on
Yeah, come on, come on, come on
We don't need nooooooo, no cop patrol

I wish a nigga would, come through the hood, like Street won't
Jump out the woods, and snatch your goods
If you don't know by now, you should
Still actin' like you can't die tonight, you could
Still doubtin' the kid, like Street won't push back ya wig
Just for thinkin', it's not what it is
Shit, Shaolin, we back again, rap for yen
Streetlife, that nigga that'll tap your chin
Come get some, step to it, let's see
Where ya heart's at, let's do it
I hear you talkin', but take caution, before crossin'
The Street, before you end up layin' in a coffin
Don't sleep, you rap cats is physically weak
I don't care how much spins your records get in a week
Big Street, still beat you down with the heat
So umm, watch the words you speak, I roll deep

[Chorus: Streetlife (Method Man)]
This is Street Education, tune in
(Rule one, watch them niggaz close to you)
This is Street Education, tune in
(Rule two, make sure you do what you suppose to do)
This is Street Education, tune in
(Rule three, fuck the world, spit that shit)
This is Street Education, tune in
Adjust your radio station, let's begin

Who's playin' king of New York, y'all gangstas? Hold that thought
I'mma show you how we hold down the fort, I'm from a Shaolin resort
We don't ball, we catch bodies for sport
Put our high light on the news report
Muthafucka ya name, run up on you, and blast your frame
For that little piece of ice on your chain
Don't look at me strange -- like you don't know what this is
I know you feel the gun touchin' your rib, it's those Shaolin Kids

[Method Man]
And we ain't scared to death, or scared to live
Put twenty two shots in your crib

The Stat, we at it again, put another ten shot through ya Benz
Leave you rollin' through the block, on your rims
We ain't gots to pretend, me and you, we ain't gots to be friends
So when you 'em

[Method Man]
Be on needles and pins

This where the drama begins
I'm tellin' you pa, I'm out for revenge
Like a nigga tried to murder my kin, I won't bend


[Outro: Method Man]
Adjust your radio station
Let's begin....
Adjust your radio station

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