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I-20 (feat. Shawnna) "Slow Fuckin'"

Альбом: Self Explanatory

[Chorus (I-20) X2]
I just love it when its like
(In Out, In Out, In Out In Out)
Slow Fuckin'

He said he like the way that pussy roll
Get on top let it drop, put ya tongue in my mouf, can you feel that pussy hole
When I heard 'em say yeah
Put his hands in my hair, right there made him lose control
On the belveder now tell me dear I bet get you gone
And I make 'em say yeah, cause I got that work
In the back now stop that hurt, pulling off my shirt
Lickin on my ? now come and feel it squirt
And I'm talkin bout licking and sucking
Lusting and sticking and touching, loving
That pussy you up and stuck in position for thugging loving is slow fucking

Now mama said she like it when the dick get hard
From the back let me smack throw it back, Now I'm digging holes in your backyard
When I fuck you can trust feel it deep in your gut
Want stop tell you say soon
Gimmie head in a slay bed you can beg bitch and I want let it go
Yeah, So that how the dealer cut, I feel you need to nut
Make it rough 'til a nigga want to bust, and I have to beg that bitch to fuck
Fuck what them other hoes say, I'm thinking fuck the foreplay
We can fuck 'til we both pass out, ass out, on the couch now all my hoes say

[Chorus X4]

Niggaz say they hate it when a bitch is tight (tight)
First date cause your friends goin' hate play game make you wait all fuckin' night (night)
Get her drunk, get it crunk from the front
Now you dealing with a fuckin pro
Pull her hair, smack her ass do it rough even though she want it fucking slow
That's how the story go
Fake niggaz stay and talk, real niggaz nut and leave
Tell her friends, come on in, make it bend everybody on they fucking knees
I love dem closet freaks, dem ones that hardly speak
'Til you get her all alone, make it grown, make it known and now her pussy speak

Now you see that booty bouncing up and down
Now I switch that do, cause I'm off that dro
And I make it do round and round
Send a bitch a crown, and a bitch a vest
So wet it'll make you drown
And it make you sweat, when I lick that neck, make ya lip drop to the ground
Know I'm talking bout?
Sticking and stroking, chocking and getting me open
Hitting that shit cuz its portent, knowin my kit aint no joking
Can I Get Some Mo' Baby?
And that thing be drivin me crazy
Wanna see me havin a baby, but a bitch to slick and to shady
Gotta fuck me slow and squeeze me

[Chorus X4]

You know I like when he fuck me slow
Got a bitch like Woah, cuz the dick like Oh
And he bet not tell me No
From the car to the do', to the do' to the bed, from the bed back to the flo'
Got 'em gone in the head, and I'm gone in the bread, cause I bitch gotta get that dough
And he talking bout makin me wifey, and I'm thinking that shit aint to likely
Cause it aint no bitch out there like like, even though yo bitch wanna fight me
Got Make A Move Shawty
And aint got no time for the fussing, all that bullshit griping and cussing
Wanna feel yo biting and busting
Gotta fuck me slow shawty

Do I make you horny baby?
If you need it, I can eat, 'fore you skeet it
Stop it you should warn me baby
Pussies get swollen, I'm rolling holding on magnums shawty
And if I beat it and leave it, believe I'm bragging shawty
It just might happen shawty
In (In) Out (Out) bend over and poke it out
When I nut I roll it up, I light it then I smoke her out
Slow fucking, hoe bucking, nigga let me hold something
Eat it and greedy, I need it beat like she stole something

[Chorus until song end]

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I-20 (feat. Shawnna) "Slow Fuckin'" song by lyrics

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