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Mase "Into What You Say"

Альбом: Welcome Back

You know I never had time for the he say, she say
Cats talk greasy
I put 'em on the three way
Coupes keep coming, lookin like a relay
Don't catch it now, get it on the replay
I'm M.I.A., with some kid named Enrique
Don't pump weight, don't see the D.A.
What you hear now is definitely not a cliche
I ball so much, I be sold on eBay
People thinkin 'How I'm posed to love 'em?'
They hate whats great and I know some of 'em
Since 12 years old they had a poster of him
Kids cry, you don't get 'em close to hug 'em
And this right here is my retro flow
The price of the air gotta let ya'll go
Five guys arise when I step to the flo'
Phantom style, push a button, open the do'

If you rule it and you know it
And you ain't afraid to show it
Put yo hands in the air
And say oh yeaaah
And if you loaded and you know it
And you ain't afraid to show it
Put yo drink up in the air (put 'em up)
And say oh yeaaah (put 'em up)

I'm into what you say (I'm in, I'm in)
I'm into what you say (Let's work, Tell me what you say)
I'm into what you say (I'm in, I'm in)
I'm into what you say (Let's work, Tell me what you say)

Now how did I get so pop-a-lar
The people watchin with bi-noc-a-lars
Even when I'm eatin at the lobster bar
I come out cops wanna stop my car
I move quick, I can't lollygag
Jewels thick, it make my body drag
I'm not just a star from the hood
But money like this, god, gotta be good
Friends platonic, cars exotic
You name it, you know I got it
Flow so melodic, sorta hypnotic
You ain't gotta question, 'Do the kid got it?'
Gimme another topic, get low, wrist glow
You could even see it from the 25th row
V.A. to San Francisco, they married to this flow
Keep the disco poppin like crisco

Hook (x1)

It's the M to the A
Crooked letter, ON
B to the E to the T-H-A
This here knock from the beach to the bay
I vend this all way down to Australia
You can't come, I'll mail ya - a post card
Of the coast guard, for the most part
Paint my picture, as clear as Mozart
And these cats got no heart
Oh my god, why I got to flow so hard?
I'm thinkin now I'm hot-hot forever
Cruisin' down a drop-drop whatever
Cruise down the street in a drop top Carerra
These cats here can't stop my cheddar
In my former life did more Cris than Aguilera
I roll through, people wanna grab my sweater
Stole a bomber so I don't fly jets in bad weather

Hook (x2)

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Mase "Into What You Say" song lyrics free

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