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Bow Wow (feat. Jagged Edge) "Hey Little Momma"

Альбом: Unleashed

[Bow Wow - talking]
Ah, ah (*laughing*)
Another (ah, ah, ah) Jazzy Fizzle, Bow Wizzle Collaborizzle, my nizzle
(*laughing*) ah (ah ah ah)

[Verse 1 - Bow Wow]
I met what seem to be the girl of my dreams in the mall at the sneaker store
saw her 'bout a week ago, wonder should I speak or know
but probably not, I bet she got a lot of guys in the jock, you never know
But wouldn't hurt me to holla, little momma hot
And she got all the signature features her momma got (Hey little momma)
Listen baby, I'm tired of of switchin ladies
Let's say we consider datin, continue communicatin
No chasin, no wastin your time, the pleasure's mine
I'm a show you how to shine, just sit back and recline
Cause the ride on stilts, my bank gonna swoll'
I'm wearin Rose Gold at 16 years old
But right now that don't matter
I honestly rather be dicussin or to a fussin how we gonna get together
And whether you knew it or not, I was diggin your style
lovin your smile, little momma you should listen to Bow

[Chorus - Bow Wow] (Jagged Edge)
(Hey little momma)
Yo momma let me holla a minute
I know you tired of hearin gimme your digits, but dig it
(Hey little momma)
I ain't tryin to spoil your day
just had to say you lookin great today, I say
(Hey little momma)
I'm tryin to come over tonight
and watch a movie if you say it's alright, aight?
(SAY, Hey little momma)
I'm diggin your style, lovin your smile
Little momma come and kick it with Bow
(Female voice: oh, oh, oh)

[Verse 2 - Bow Wow]
I was thinkin I could come over
And chill with you tonight and sit next to you on your sofa
And maybe pop in a DVD, and make some popcorn just for you and me
But see I've been on tour for a minute
I wanna come home and settle down for a minute
You feel me?, if you with it then let me know
and if you say yes that you with it, then that's fo' sho' (*laughing*)
Cause see I can arrange some things
I'm talkin pick you up from school in a Range and things (now that's cool)
You know this dog likes to roam
but you know I can't come over when your pops is home (nope)
I think it's about time for you to hang up the phone
Your father probably got his ear to the door (so, look)
It's best to tell you I'll just holla tomorrow
Just hit me on the hip, I promise to call (*laughs*)


[Verse 3 - Jagged Edge]
I need a little momma that ain't with the drama
She know how I get it cause she know that I'm callin
Tell me should I need somebody, someone I can share my time with
The flyness, and giddy, the vibe kind of pretty
Like we kind of smooth how we move through the city like
(Female voice: It's me)
I need a girl that's really down for sure
Yeah, say

[Chorus] - 2X

[Female voice]
oh oh oh

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текст Bow Wow (feat. Jagged Edge) "Hey Little Momma"

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