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Bow Wow "I Got Ya'll"

Альбом: Unleashed

[Bow Wow - talking]
Bounce, bounce, bounce
Bounce, with me, with me, with me, with me
Bounce with me, with me, uh uh, bounce, let's go

[Chorus - Female Voice] (Bow Wow)
Heavy rotation on every channel
From Cali out to Atlanta
You love him, hate him, don't matter
(I got y'all, ok)
Lifestyle's bananas
It's lights, action, camera
Cause Bow Wow's the man
(I'm just hot y'all)

[Verse 1 - Bow Wow]
Okay, well right now, turn the lights down
Turn up my music loud, she know I burn this mic down
I'm takin flight now, let me hear you yell out
Wherever you from, get it crunk, I don't care 'bout (naw)
Ladies lookin boughi, lookin good, through Chanel out
-fits, get to it, let me see ya sweat your head out
Lift both of your hands up, get rid of the handcuffs
I just wanna dance, what you talkin 'bout your man for (c'mon, shorty)
Baby, I got ladies way from Haiti to Atlanta
A peaches, Felicia's, several Keisha's and Samantha's
Aquarius, Libras, Sagittarius, and Cancers
Actresses and models, yeah they all give me the chance to
Give 'em amnesia, forget how we treat ya
See if I can fit you in my new two seater
Chisel like a fever, cool like a freezer (yeah)
Baby, this the truth comin live through your speakers
Bounce, bounce


[Verse 2 - Bow Wow]
Listen, I got y'all (uh huh); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES flamin hot dog (uh huh)
And I'm a stay on top, like it or not dog (fo sho)
Lose my spot, fall, naw I doubt that (ha yeah)
See crush or bust Pipe, I was taught to bounce back (yeah)
That's why I told ya +Bounce With Me+ (yeah)
Snazzy, can ya count with me
One million, two million, three, my account with me, rolls up (cha ching)
Hold up, see me when I roll up, tinted windows rolled up
on 24's lookin like a grown up (fo sho); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES hoppin out my own truck
Glistenin and froze up (bling); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES no introduction needed
Sometimes seeing's believin, so on TV or wherever, you see me
Girls all scream like I got the heebee geebees (ah ah)
Tryin squeeze me, guys wanna be me
Some wanna see me fail, it's not easy (naw)
Youngy we agree, it's impossible to beat me (it's so hard)
Number one for ten weeks straight, young B Weezy
Now bounce


[Bow Wow]
Okay, bounce (*"bounce" and "uh huh" are scratched and repeated*)

[Chorus] - 2X

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Bow Wow "I Got Ya'll" lyrics for a song

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