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Bow Wow (feat. Pharrell) "Movement"

Альбом: Unleashed

[Intro - Pharrell]
Hah, hah, hah, hah
Hah, hah, oh Lord, hah, hah

[Verse 1 - Bow Wow]
Young and confused, with nothin to lose
But somethin' to prove, my hunger my views
I use them as tools, to refuse for the sake of rebellin'
Breakin the rules and yellin', tellin them to come and walk in my shoes
Come and try it, be defiant, we pump the heart of a lion
See if you like it, you livin yo life culturally bias
Cause the ghettos got a bad rep, and we got a bad rap
So we get a half step, in the door, get the last laugh, hah
No future no past, we live for the right now
Want us to pipe down, but this is what life sounds
Like when thugs cry, and I seen love die
And I've seen the hater born, and pawn as they take on form
As they take on, the world is placed on our shoulder
But socially, they never know what's up
They approach us with they pre-concieved notions
At least that's what the homies told me

[Chorus - Bow Wow]
The celebration, the movement
Man we young and confused, but to ambitious to lose it
You see we loving life
Since we was just critters, they said that we'd be go gettas
This is the movement
Man we young and confused, but to ambitious to lose it
You see we loving life
Since we was just critters, they said that we'd be go gettas

[Verse 2 - Bow Wow]
Like the war thing, I don't know what y'all seen
But my generation is gettin caught in the cross beams
No preparation, medication, and vacines
No reparation for the children who ask things
But get no answers, they just say pull your pants up
They don't understand us, but still repremand us
Demand us to live this, and that and that and this
And it has us pissed, and after this
I'll probably be band, but I gotta take a stand
Cause you see what happened when +Eminem+ ignored +Stan+
He just lost it be cautious, see we all targets
My thoughts are sparatic, I feel so asthmatic
Out of breath, sick of talkin, so we takin action
Against a democracy, full of hipocracy
I know it's more than me, and my hip hop eyes that see
That's what the homie said to me


[Verse 3 - Pharrell]
In the world that has so much goin' on, could leave you paranoid
Like now there's poppin noise, please don't just think its project boys
Whether your urban life, or your suburban knights
It doesnt matter, what matters is if your swerving right
Dont get it twisted, a lot happens in suburban nights
Cause dead is dead, whether in your room or a club at night
But the Lords been shinin' on ya, he said "I'm there to calm ya"
He said "I'll be back", the words like Sara Conners
She said we sleepin on her, wake up and leanin on her
We terminated for playin, terminator by your honor
We don't wanna die
We just wanna fly (Haha, HO!)

[Bow Wow]
Have you felt like, you just wanna get away man
It's the movement
I don't think yall heard me
It's the movement man


[Outro - Bow Wow]
Hey, that's what the homie told me

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текст Bow Wow (feat. Pharrell) "Movement"

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