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Cappadonna (feat. Raekwon) "Killa Killa Hill"

Альбом: Struggle

[Chorus 2X: Cappadonna]
God rules everything around us
Goons get the money, Killa Killa Hill ya'll

Yo, we grew up in the grind, ya'll
Now it's our time to shine ya'll, yo, we did our time ya'll
Now we back to collect our check, give us our respect
Debts gotta get paid off, a nigga hit the deck
My Goon Squad coming correct, handcuffs, Jakes backin' us up
We got it rough, on some guns bust
Niggaz hold dust, through it all, kept our head off
Feds sped up, niggaz in my hood read up
We still gully, and my whole click dead up
Clackin' them shots, right, my Goon Squad kick lead up

[Chorus 2X]

I'm from the Valley where the Goons stay, valors and S.K.'s
Shoot up your saloon and lay
Through a poverty side of my life, we came from
All the big niggaz eat meals, real niggaz kept ones
So much drugs in a box, gloves, couple glocks
Thugs that stay on blocks, wolves that lay on cops
Dressin' like gangstas, I've been silkin' it before courvoisier and blunts with rocks
We had to eat to live, cuz only real niggaz protect
Lively hood, and get Hollywood props
I ran with arm specialist who loved to shoot, wrestle, spit
Bang bitches, buy a little drizzle and box
For all that we know, I analyze the rich steelo
Milk the game, Suge Knight a few people
Then made a lot of deposits, throughout the logic
My mental came swift, that's the project

[Chorus 2X]

Aiyo, my team pressed up on the crime side
Them devils tried to catch us all, guarding our blind side
I cocked back the hammer, load up on my nine side
Startin' a revolution, like my Goon Squad died, poverty strucken
Right where the poor people reside, deep in the hood
Young bloods stay flippin' them pies, lookin' for easy ways out
My niggaz try'nna survive, whippin' the gauge out
Strugglin', against all odds, stompin' the rage out
Duckin' down deep in them cars, whippin' the page out
Niggaz stay kickin' them bars, knockin' ya fade out
Get ready for my Goon Squad stars, let the parade out

[Chorus 4X]

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