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Little Brother "Groupie Pt.2"

Альбом: Listening

[Intro - Big Pooh]
This joint right here
Is goin out to all y'all groupies
Male groupies, female groupies
See a groupie is a goupie
This right here for y'all

[Verse 1 - Big Pooh]
Check out this lame broad, call me up
I know I'm fine as fuck but she got the hot nail vapors
I ain't stack no paper I don't
Walk around wearin gators, shit I'm still walkin
I'm still the same Pooh, I still
Do the things I used to, I still hang with the same crew
The way I act now I blame to
The other chick I speak about got addicted to the fame to
I rocked a couple joints the album sell
I got a couple points, small change to the pockets
I don't understand these broads logic, I break
Bread with the fam before I hit em with a piece a profit
I'm allergic to you hoes stop it
Got me wonderin' was the attention before
Or after the shock of seein Big Pooh's pic in the store
Got yo eyes money green and me slammin the door

Now ladies love me, girls adore me
I mean even the ones who never saw me, hey yey
They love the way I rhyme at a show
The reason why man I don't know now, hey yey
You groupie niggas need to go away

[Verse 2 - Phonte]
Is it the way I rhyme that got you stressed, sittin in the
Back sweatin and lookin a mess
Nervous even pervis you shots with the bullets you pussycat
I had no choice but to pull it
But who wouldn't, swingin aimlessly
You got the same nerve to say you in the same vain as me
How ashamed are we you not the man that we claimed
To be now are fame is in jeopardy
You shouldn't have slept on me, the mic I had to snatch
back and react like white boys in the mosh pit
The fly shit is easy to get stuck on
I penned joints for you to vibe to and get you're fuck on
You couldn't last one round
I suggest you back up off my nuts and put the dick down
You now in tune to the sounds
9th is wonderful, I know you noddin right now

[Chorus x2]

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