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Little Brother "Nobody But You"

Альбом: Listening

[Chorus: Kiesha Shontelle]
I don't want nobody but you (don't want nobody)
I think we should move towards the future
I don't want nobody but you (don't want nobody)
I think we should move towards the future
Baby I'm serious

[Verse One: Big Pooh]
How do you know when I'm like shit
You don't know me yet I ain't step with no disrespect
Just something in your eyes got me, I mean something in your thighs got me
On the rise like the third right
Pooh's flight ain't for one night or one flight in the sack
One fight got me resting my back onn big pooh's couch
Got me kicked out my own house, arguing with my own spouse
Sweet heart please it is not worth the fuss
I would rather kiss then send you a cuss
I'd rather us hold hands ridin on the back of the bus
Then have us pissed off rollin the trust c'mon now


[Bridge: Kiesha Shontelle]
Threw out my fantasies and all my destinies (aight)
I'd like to be involved in you caresin me (okay)
You telling me that love can be the sweetest thing (c'mon)
Reality has been sent to me from ...

[Verse Two: Phonte]
Hey yo it's been a long time since we been out
Got tipsy and pull the gin out
Sat down thinking of you and pulled my pen out
Sexin with you is more then just swety in out
She melting my ice grill, girl and bought the grin out
I never thought that I would get this shit out
Imagine me that nigga walking around in the mall with matching tim's out
Emotions I got to get out
Down with a nigga way before I had a hit out now that's splendid
My brothers love you and my moms recommend it
Carry my seed now I'm carrying independence
So why we got to keep this love joint suspended
I'm trying to build a family girl because we acendrick


[Chorus x2 till fade]

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текст Little Brother "Nobody But You"

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