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Outlawz "They Don't Understand"

Альбом: Outlaw 4 Life. 2005 A.P.

Y'all don't understand
Y'all want to, but cha don't though
This ain't what I planned
This is who I am
(I am, this is who I am)
(I am, this is who I am)

I look up to greed
I ain't sayin' nothin' strange
My feelin's ain't changed
My feelin's ain't changed
No - no -- no - no
I ain't rappin', no
I look up to him
We got mo' laps to go
Understand? Naw, y'all don't understand
Pac made a nigga watch like a peep hole
Banger, that's my bigga' brotha'
I put it on my mother
I swear we need each other
(I swear we need each other)
Im just a real nigga talkin'
Real talk til I lay up in the coffin
And I'll handle my hat
And I'll gamble my stratch
Til I get mine back
It's just me dawg

They don't understand
Why the fuck we do what we do
They don't understand
Why the fuck we keep it so true
They don't understand
Why the fuck we just don't give a fuck
They don't understand
When they see a nigga comin' up
They don't understand
They don't understand
They don't understand
But I don't give a damn, no
They don't understand
They don't understand
They don't understand
But I don't give a damn, no

Picture my mission
I'm in it to get it
One nigga yellin' FUCK THE WORLD
Homey that's how I live it
Strapped up
Us against the world
That's how we did it
I'm like fuck 'em
If they don't understand they ain't with us
They ain't in this
We them Outlaw souljahs
They them other niggaz that be rollin wit the row
Ya snitch
Y'all can kill my pride
If ya want it
The shit is in my veins
My blood streams is hunted
How could you not understand a nigga like me
How could you not understand living like a 'G'
It's who you be
I don't know about you
But the shit I'm puttin' down on these beats
Motherfucker it's true
No need to sugar-coat it
Or pussy deep stone it
My shit is so real
That's why the streets want it
Squares don't understand
That's why they hate on it
I'm like FUCK 'EM
They ain't stoppin' my chips
Hell naw niggaaaa


They don't understand
Man it's deeper then the music
Overstand what I'm sayin' to ya
(nigga just listen to me)
And when I die
Y'all keep on mashin'
Makaveli in our blood
We laced with his ashes
Got the mind of the militant
The heart of a souljah
Got the spirit of a struggla'
I know why God lovin' us
And all the glory is his
(all the glory is his)
They said we couldn't
But I knew we could win
With my back against the wall
Hands tied behind my back
When you got God on ya team
Young Outlaw king, I mean
Gotta feel it, don't hate it
Gotta respect it, we made it
And young niggaz worldwide related
To some shit that I was sayin' from the bottom of my heart
They felt like we felt
Tryna get some light
We in the dark
(they don't understand -- stand)
All the shit we been through
(but if you understand)
You went through something similar too
Ya feel me dawg


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текст Outlawz "They Don't Understand"

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