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Beatnuts "Buying Out The Bar"

Альбом: Originators

scratched "Live On The Air" plays in the background

Sh-sh-shake it, Sh-sh-shake it

[Psycho Les]
I put my hand on my rhyme book and promise to say the truth
When I, enter the studio and blaze the booth
And make a joint to raise the roof
And leave the place roofless
Intoxicated Demons demonic like the group KISS
I gets wicked, we gon' make a bomb to wake up
The industry, so prepare for the three, like the musketeers
We paid dues, blood and tears
Waste the years, (blazin); INSERT INTO `lyrics_raphot` (`id`, `artist`, `artist_id`, `artist2_id`, `feat`, `title`, `article`, `album`, `body`, `wap`, `date`, `publish`) VALUES and drinkin beers
Nah fuck that, better believe I'ma come back
And make my new shit heard, like a gun clap (BLOWW)
What I think you should do? Is just run back
To the lab, flip your music, and your drum track
Beatnuts, off the hook, like a telephone
Competition, shook and soft, like it's silicon
When we come through, hit y'all with the 1, 2...3, 4
Blow it up like it's C-4
[Hook x 2]
Buyin out the bar ain't nothin
Got the VIP on lock we thuggin
Shorty bouncin in them things wearin nothin
Lookin like she wanna give into somethin

Eyes chinky man, lookin like Ho Chi Min
With a shorty tryin to get out, the clothes she in
The position I'm mostly in
Is ahead of the game, and they don't even come close even
Yo, you do it with such pizzazz
We do it over real beats with lyrics that'll bust ya ass
Ju always had a nose for cash
Always threw a punch like a maniac, I'm down to crash
Put the pressure, soundwave be on measure
Niggas don't just flip beats, we flip treasures
Classical shit, gotta have it in the party
The battery pack to start movin everybody
When you hear it, you know who it be
Then you hear it in the cars, and everywhere you go in the street
Tryin to bless you with just the heat
That's a word from the Beatnuts baby, that's yours to keep

[Hook x 2]

[Yelling x 4]
I just wanna get my freak in the club
Get my weed, get my drink, get my rug
I've been workin all week, what the fuck?
All the ladies in the house, show me love

*scratches "Live On The Air" to fade*

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