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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "Set It Straight"

Альбом: Thug World Order

[Intro: Krayzie Bone]
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony back in this motherfucker
(That's right That's right) The original T-H-U-G's

[Hook: Krayzie Bone]
Back to set it straight we never left and can't break up
And we have yet to be replaced
Krayzie Bone they say uh uh oh uh uh oh

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]
And check my style
Inside your vein like a drug
And I got niggas passed out on the floor
They done overdosed on the thugs
I done sold over 30 million records
You niggas better check it before you get up and disrespect it
And catch this Ak-4-7 nigga
I never knew a nigga that can smoke a pound like me
Or get down like me
And they don't make them like me
Thugs-N-Harmony nigga the name will never die
No matter how mad these niggas is actin'
We gon go platinum
So back that shit up before we blast this bitch up
Can you get the picture ol' fag ass nigga
If this is what you want
Then come and get it fresh off the grill well done
Hot and ready
We don't give a fuck who you roll with nigga you bitches
Get hit in for fuckin' with this I’m mean and I’m heated heavenly better be smoking this
This me!
I'll be the thuggish ruggish nigga on the block
With two glocks it don't stop
I bust one time and muthafuckas call the cops on me
Thug you don't know me
So don't think y'all finna hold me
Cause homie niggas don't know me

[Hook: Krayzie Bone]
Back to set it straight we never left and can't break up
And we're yet to be replaced
Layzie Bone they say uh uh oh uh uh oh

[Verse 2: Layzie Bone]
Now Uh-oh uh-oh
Oh no he didn't and bitch I did it yes I admit
It you full of that bullshit you need to quit it
Nigga hit it
Go and play those drums
Steady on money
And going to get me some
You fuckin' with a nigga that's number one
Doin it just for fun and need to look and run
On some dumb shit not the assassin
Imma keep snatchin'
Stackin my chedda chedda
Nobody can do it better
Whatevea whatevea, ya then I'm going to turn killa
Better be knowin how the game go
In touch with the real nigga
Nigga I'm the drama
Bring it nothin' but tough shit
You could put this on yo mama
Nigga I'm gonna make you love this
Me and DJ Heist shootin' dice in the back of the ally
Finna jump back in the Caddy
Man we won them beat the badly

[Hook: Krayzie Bone]
Back to set it straight we never left and can't break up
and we're yet to be replaced
Bizzy Bone they say uh uh oh uh uh oh

[Verse 3: Bizzy Bone]
Lock up the shit
As quick as a nigga can lock up his bitch
With a cock in is pit
Bleedin' right after we cocked him up in his crib
Rottin' in rich with a semi-automatic shotgun
Get the poppin' away up in a flick
Got the crowd all nervous and shit
My nigga Love this cuz this is gangsta shit
Step aside Columbus gangsta, bitch
Cop killa gotta lovely incogneto
It’s as tasty as the mama bet she cookin' in casino
Man incafino niggas is only out fo they self
and expect the kids to help and now the censureship is back on the shelf
Filthy niggas get broken down
Like grape juice and wealth
I hate you if you hate me I been talking to somebody else
And we thinkin' about god in this reputation
Pussy Niggas who hatin'
How to fuck up my relationships
I'm ready to get some pressure off
South built mobile, my noble niggas stotin'
Zippy, Kroger sack, mackin' in dikie suits to match them bands
Zippin' around, whippin' around
Can't nobody catch me

[Hook: Krayzie Bone]
Back to set it straight we never left and can't break up
and we're yet to be replaced
Wish Bone they say uh uh oh uh uh oh

[Verse 4: Wish Bone]
We came up Eazy died you think we was gon give up
We still some raw
Don't you deny you know we brought this game up
From the DJ's to the VJ's
From the niggas from the ese's
You know we brung this game up
Everybody knows Thugs-N-Harmony
From the beginnin' these niggas was trippin'
And wonder why I be flippin'
Who gives a fuck why I moved out of the hood dippin'
Cause these niggas don't know how to act
Catch you slippin' and I'll react
Nigga fuck what you heard
Fuck with Bone
That's a fact
Step on anybody and be ready for this movement
I've been a thug gon stay a thug
I don't talk about it I do it
Now let me explain when we came in this game
We was young thugs oh-ah all this money nigga what
Now how you blamin' a nigga with straight up cash
Young black heated with a attitude like kiss my ass
We aplogise to all our fans with hands in the stands
But fuck these niggas writin' in these magazine nigga man DAMN!

[Hook: Krayzie Bone]
Back to set it straight we never left and can't break up
and we're yet to be replaced
Bone Thugs they say uh uh oh uh uh oh

[Unknown lady]
Layzie, Krayzie, Bizzy, Wish and we can't forget about Flesh y'all
and don't forget about Flesh, Bone Thugs y'all

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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony "Set It Straight" lyrics of song

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