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Camp Lo "How U Walkin'"

Альбом: Let's Do It Again

Planet Rock... uh, uh, uh

Left foot, Right foot, let your body follow
Why don't cha? Get up, get down, sister, turn around
Let your body go, Stick your booty out more
Stick your booty out more
(I said) Stick your booty out more
Get down

[Geechi Suede]
We really shouldn't have to say it (say what?)
My uzi is a ton wanna weigh it? (wanna weigh it?)
The DJ has to play it (has to play it)
We don't ball walk, park, place say it
How you walkin'

[Sonny Cheeba]
Give a dime to a quarter,
Quarter to a dime,
Pluck the spring chicken let's start the progrind
With the grind on the beach, Cheech and the Chong
Priest call the preacher to christin' the mean long
Is you walkin'?

[Geechi Suede]
Dropped a lot of dice, banked a lot of c-notes
Macked it on her twice, dividends when we show
Tiger top Denalis, candy apple bodies,
Bet on 21 in Cherry Roaries
Tell me how you walkin'?

[Sonny Cheeba]
Yes! Yes I am
Got a hot Spanish broad I call her Spic Span
Got a motor mouth that talks to much, yes,
She know my Cupid sex is stupid fresh
Hoe hot lead, hot bread for the test
Play the handbone on her breast
Yo Geechi Suede is you walkin'?


[Geechi Suede]
She asked how the megahertz work? I said watch.
She asked me what's the fetish for the drizzy, jack and scotch?
I take her on the yacht, scrape her make her lover watch
Then she joining in both of them grabbing they socks, squat
Tell me how you walkin'?

[Sonny Cheeba]
They swear up and down they ain't never seen
A slimeball jerry curl at Tower Peas
If I was pimpin' I would just lean
And dig the strong wood these young'ns ain't never seen
Is you walkin'?

[Geechi Suede]
Pause, pause, pull a crossbow
Freeze ya for a minute
Lo-a never lost glow
Season when I'm in it
Serpico we vented
Keep it how you said it, when we print it
Now Tell me how you walkin'?

[Sonny Cheeba]
I walk before I crawl
I crawl before I ball
Over broads cause I'm into sexploitation man
Got spic-control in waste lands
Give it muscle touch in my muscle car
If its much too much than I'm a start the fan
Brother, tell me is you walkin'?

[Chorus] - repeat 2x

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Camp Lo "How U Walkin'" song by lyrics

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