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Khia "Remember Me"

Альбом: Thug Misses

un hu
un hu
un hu
un hu
un hu
un hu
Remember me
un hu un hu
un hu
Rememder me
un hu un hu
un hu

REmemder me the bitch that you use to see the bitch
you told yo lies to the yo planned to be with how i always thought one day
u see i would be with you and you with me but no all you did was told
lies to me fucked with them other hoes in the clud you be with
all yo home boys lookin lust to me how could you not see what i had in me
cause i look at me in ballin you see but no you was suppose to be on the side
of me
you know it still amazes me how you could be a old fuck ass hoe
not as bad as me but i kicked you to the crub but its not my fault
you know you the one the dog playin the game but caught
but o its all over now now its time to clap im ridin lexaus bens
bentalie humers benmoes and tires
Remember me now hoe why you talkin dout me
ya its me sittin on top of the world
Remember me ya nigga i wasn't nothin nice but
i couldn't cop ice but now its dimeins and pearls
Remember me Remember me sad and out when there was
little lop little cash in the pot but i was shinin on ya ass now in shinin
some noe while ya was worried dout a bitch i was writin my words
thought it was all adout a nigga i was prayin the lord and thankin him
for all the blessins all the things that he tault me dealin with them problems
worries in life and if you remember me i den shined on you twice
Remember me the one you thought wasn't gon be shit but a little hoer with yo
man be
creepin thats what you thought but i wasn't peep this now im a star on the tv
house three stores and my car is seatin a hunderd gees or more and the kids is
shrimps from the store not raw meatin shit from a bitch or a hoe believe me

Remember me the friend that i always was now that in finally livin good you
thought the kids had it all ain't got to worry bout the rent or the ligts and
phone ain't got to worry bout a nigga cause we stay with our on shit partin in
the clud with the hot boy click yeah we livin large got our on wipe jags on dubs
tvs house rent remeber havin nothin now we havin it all
Remember me

the end

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Khia "Remember Me" words of song

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