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Aaliyah "Got To Give It Up"

Альбом: One In A Million

[Intro - Slick Rick & friend]
[Rick] yeah bartender, can i get a henasey on the rocks,
And a long island, ice tea?...thank you.
[James] yo rick didnt i tell you this club was jumpin?
[Rick] yeah kid you wasnt lyin kid it definately is.
[James] look at this, they all over the place kid.
[Rick] yeah 1 second hon', slow down, slow,
[Rick] yo james get her off me.
[James] yo back off shorty
[Rick] would you slow the hell down!?!?
[James] back, yo back off shorty.

[Slick Rick]
Like everyone was chasing my finance.
But when aaliyah walked in, the whole place went bananas.
Im playin for most of my perks.
(and they offerin the hunk free krystal. The works)
Not to mention, smelled good. Looked dope.
I brought me a bottle so i wouldnt look broke.
Stepped like a big willie, woodgewell, playa,
Sign this thousand dollar bill for me aaliyah.

I used to go out to partys, and stand around.
Cause i was too nervous, to really get down.
But my body yearned to be free.
I went off on the floor, so somebody would choose me.
No more standing, upside the wall.
Now i got myself together baby, and im having a ball.
Long as your groovin, theres always a chance.
Somebody watchin, might wanna make romance.
Move your body, (ooooh baby) and dance all night.
To the groovin, feel all right.
Move your body (oh) and move your feet.
Cause the dj's grooin, (ohhh) and it sounds so sweet.(c'mon)
Then just party, all night long.
Cause this party is jumpin, till the break of dawn.

[Slick Rick]
Well i peeled off one more thousand, and hand her.
One more please for my girlfriend amanda.
Rick, hon with that butt like ka-pow,
Wanna buy you a drink,
Tell shorty not now.

You can have me when you want to babe.
This is such a live party, baby.
Goin crazy in this place tonight.
And the feelin is o' so right.(yeahh)
O' if i wasnt here, i saw a fight.(mmmhmhmmmmhmhm)
When your movin your body, boy your blowin my mind.

[Slick Rick]
One more coment since i know my time is out.
Love that song where you say that line about,
"your a positive motivating force within my life".
No kidding, hit him.
Name: rule, and the ruler wouldnt lie to ya.
Wack singing hons all squirm at the side of ya.
Us, we some old ladi dadi'ens.
Lemme let you go so you can attend to your audience.

(sexy baby, sexy baby, sexy baby baby) [repeat]

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Aaliyah "Got To Give It Up" words of song

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