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TQ "Bye Bye Baby"

Альбом: They Never Saw Me Comin'

At night I can't seem to get no sleep
Addicted to indo and Hennessy
I'm stressed homes - got my vest on....
Let's hit the streets time to put the west on
Friday night and I'm chillin' with my baby in
A black 600 Lorenzo's on it
And I'm...all up on them thighs, smokin' on doja
So I guess I didn't see them niggas behind me
We at the stop light (get out your car nigga)
Before I exit (they start to pullin triggas)
So now I'm duckin and I'm divin tryin to survive and
All I can hear is gun shots and crying
Then in an instant - the crying stopped
Look at my Benz all my windows bucked out
I see my girlfriend layin' on the asphalt bleedin lookin'
dead at me
And all I can say is....

1 - Bye Bye Baby I can't believe it
These niggas done shot my baby
The only thing that make me go crazy
Somebody gonna feel my 380
My My Baby wont' live to see it
It's gonna be murder I guarentee it
You already had it comin' boy for steppin to me
But ya'll shouldn't have fucked with my baby

Now I met her at the Beverly and she was the bombest
She had be goin nigga - I'm gonna be honest
And she was stacked with big bags behind her
Matter of fact - she kinda looked like Tyra
All the niggas use to stop when they seen her
Dressed in black - laid back demeanor
Nigga she gone now - And I'm all upset
I'm like a grown child - I want my baby back
But now its on pal - All things behind us
I'm gonna take you where no one can find ya
Mind ya, I'm about to go crazy
Gimme my Baby - Gimme my Baby

Repeat 1

Now I try not to think about all the things
That we did together
We make the bedroom walls shake from in the living room
I was so infatuated with everything you do
Somebody took you away from me with a shell or two
And I'm gonna ried, cause that's what the hell I do
Gonna be some madness tellin' you
This shell's for you
What they wanna do

Repeat 1 (4x)

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