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Lil' Kim "Lighters Up"

Альбом: Naked Truth

I come from Bed-Stuy
Niggas either do or they gon die
Gotta keep the Ratchet close by
Someone murdered, nobody seen, nobody heard it
Just another funeral service
Niggas will get at you, come through shinin there yap you
In broad daylight kidnap you
Best get clap through
Police stay on us like tattoos
*(bleep) niggas only grind cause we have to
Money is power, sling crack,weed, and powder
Fiends come through every hour
It's all about that dollar
And we nah deal wit cowards
Weak lambs get devoured, by the lion in the concrete jungle
The strong stay and rumble,the weak fold and crumble
It's the land of trouble
Brooklyn home of the greatest rappers
Big comes first and the queen comes after

Hook: Now put ya lighters up, Bed-Stuy put ya lighters up
New York, put ya lighters up
D.C., keep puttin ya lighters up
Philadelphia, put ya lighters up
Detroit, put lighters up
Chi-Town, keep puttin dem lighters up
No matter where you from put ya lighters up

Now let me give you a walk-through
Show you what to do and you don't do
Where it's not safe to go to
The boys approach you
You better say quick who you close to
Don't come through if niggas don't know you
Cause people is talkin, the streets is watchin
The D's is lurkin, stash the nine in the garbage
The life of a hustle, the life of a gambler
Dice game kill more niggas than cancer
Know who you fuck wit, Brooklyn don't run, we run shit
Hold up and just bumrush
We don't play dat
(out in BK not at all, four pound leave ya face on the wall
R.I.P in memory of), never show thy enemies love
We get it on where we live
Better have a pass when you cross that bridge
Welcome to Brooklyn

Hook2:Put ya lighters up, L.A. put ya lighters up
V.A., put ya lighters up
Texas, keep puttin ya lighters up
New Orleans, put ya lighters up
St.Loius, put lighters up
A-T-L, keep puttin dem lighters up
No matter where you from put ya lighters up
Bridge: Damn homie im so tore
I don’t think im ever gone smoke no more
And I don’t think im ever gone drink no more
But f** it bartender you can give me one mo
We in da club like
Repeat 2X

See f** wat dem told you
Im tha hottest b*tch on tha planet
Biggest sex-symbol since Janet, theres an ----- bandit,layin in da cut like a bandage
Come thru Fulton street in a Vanquish doin dem damage
And if you don’t understand it then let me give it to you in Spanish
Soy la senorita mas Linda del barrios y lo es abo tu eves despacio
Still don’t remember still sippin Mescotto you musta forgot though
So ima take you back to da block yo
Put you on ta how we rock yo
Some are boostin’, twelve year olds prostitutin
Hitmen hired for execution theres no solution
Niggaz still p*ss in da hallways
Feinds get high in dem all day, the youth dem bang at the cops off tha roof
You don’t know my town is the truth
Welcome to Brooklyn

Hook 3: now Put ya lighters up, New Jersey put ya lighters up
Boston, put ya lighters up
B-More, keep puttin ya lighters up
Miami, put ya lighters up
Puerto Rico, put lighters up
Kingston,Jamaica keep puttin dem lighters up
No matter where you from keep putting ya lighters up


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Lil' Kim "Lighters Up" song by lyrics

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